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Welcome, BHW!

You probably came here via a link from the Black Hat World forum signature or from my old Black Hat SEO blog. You may also know me by my online forum handle cash202.

Regardless of how you found this page, welcome!

Feel free to browse the blog and remember to leave comments. You can find all posts from my old blog(s) here.

Here are a few threads I posted on BHW you might be interested in:

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WARNING! Although this blog is mostly PG, these forum posts contain some strong language.

I quit doing SEO for customers and as an affiliate and only occasionally consult businesses (I am very picky in regards to who I work with). Some day I’ll write a post on why I did it.

Feel free to email me if you have questions. I still enjoy helping the community although it might take me a while to reply due to the time constraints.


Egor AKA cash202