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Cut the Crap

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I reckon, quite a few failures I experienced in business were due to me not simplifying enough. In fact, I believe, unnecessary complexity hinders success more than anything else.

Less is more.

Especially in a startup business.

It is a challenge to cut the crap and do the simplest thing that could possibly work.

This is especially not an easy task for a geeky type like myself. I love solving complex problems using hi-end technology, but…

Data Source Handbook - for All Your Scraping Needs

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This post is a first one in the series in a futile attempt to game Google’s unhealthy freshness addiction and flood the web the the worst original junk content possible. So, let’s go.

Have no ideas on what to build your latest and greates scraper site? Read a book.

Business Growth - by AppSumo

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Three stages: 0 to 1000, 1000 to 50000, 50000 and beyond.

The Hustle Stage (0 to 1000)

This is hard work. There’s no secret or magic button.

Who is your customer? Where are they?

Only focus on the first 1000. Take people who have traffic you want to lunch/breakfast and ask them for help.

Force friends to tweet. If you want to reach 100000 followers, collect the list of friends who have your customers as followers and sum of their followers is 100000 people or more, ask them to tweet and check if they did. Sign them up one by one, manually if needed.

How to Create PR2 Domain for Free

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I discovered this hack by accident while playing around with PAD file submission and PAD sites in general.

The hack is a variation of reciprocal link cheating technique. The funny thing is, I didn’t cheat. I just didn’t bother to look. The naive software publishers just somehow though I will post a link on my site if they link back. But let’s not jump to the middle of the story.

Second Tier Anchoring

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I am kind of unhappy with recent changes in SEO. Google penalties are looming, building links is becoming a synomous with spam and anchor text is evil and will get you in trouble.

How in the world you are supposed to rank?

How to Deal With a New Domain

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This scenario is so typical that I want to deal with it once and for all in this post. I see so many people are approaching it in a wrong way. At least once per week someone comes to our link building service site and asks what they need to do to rank their website for these two or three keywords. When I launch Market Samurai and put their keywords and their domain in SEO competition module I see something like this.